10 Work From Home Essentials you can buy on Amazon India

Work From Home has many advantages – you don’t need to deal with traffic and contact with infected co-workers (especially during this Covid-19 pandemic).

But work from home has to be handled in a right way with proper essentials and fitness accessories to keep healthy, otherwise it won’t be productive and also it ends up with ergonomic and other health issues. We have listed few of the must work-from-home essentials to improve ergonomics and productivity. Hope you will find them helpful.

Knodel Desk Pad

Protect your desk from this smooth, double-sided use, tough durable material, water proof, easy to clean, 31.5”x15.7” desk pad.

Perfect Back Posture Strap

Reverse your years of bad posture with this Shark Tank Approved, Comfortable, portable back strap.

Office Chair WorkOut

Turn your office chair into workout chair by attaching this compact product which comes with 2 resistance bands and more than 100 workouts.


LapGear Home Office Pro Lap Desk

If you want to work sitting in a chair or sofa, you can use this ergonomically designed, 21.1″ X 14″ lap desk that has improved air-flow.

Desktop Cable Organizer

Organize your cables with this double-sided adhesive cable organizer. It can manage 7 cables or wires at a time.


Shiatsu Back Neck and Shoulder Massage

Get this Pillow massager for neck, back, shoulders foot and legs at the comfort of your home.


Sit Stand Converter Desk

Sitting all day brings lot of health issues. This Sit-To-Stand desk workstation with ergonomic keyboard tray allows you to work sitting and standing throughout the day.


Ember Temperature Control Ceramic Mug

This remotely controllable mug keeps your beverages to the set temperature for 1.5 hour. Works with Android and iPhone. This can be one of the gift ideas that you can buy on Amazon for coffee or Tea Lovers.


Adjustable Foot Rest

This simple adjustable, ergonomically designed foot rest reduces the muscle strain, fatigue and improves the posture.



Get refreshed all the day with this De’Longhi Fully Automatic Coffee Machine.


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