V-guard 6 Litre Safe floplus Gas Geyser price in india (White)

V-Guard 6 L Gas Water Geyser (Safefloplus, White)

V-Guard 6 L Gas Water Geyser (Safefloplus, White), V-Guard


To enjoy refreshing baths with warm water in the chilly winters, you can opt for the V-guard Safefloplus Geyser. This V-guard geyser has a chic and smart design which will beautify your bathroom without seeming like a bulky addition. It is lightweight and sleek and also consumes very little...

User reviews

The main part of the geyser (gas pipe unit) was broken..
am already last 15 years used 2 Gas Water Geyser local frand 6 month back change the Sameer 6 L Gas Water Geyser in one room & my father mother room change in V-guard Water Geyser.. last 6 month i used 2 frand /rate voice cheep quality voice normal not problem inV-Gurd L Gas Water Geyser . 1 lpg cylinder 70day's used (4 person)
Worst product..giving problem everytime. There are other efficiency geysers in the market dont go for this

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