Havells Puro 15-Litre 2000-Watt Storage Water Heater price in india (Ivory)

Havells 15 L Storage Water Geyser (Puro_Turbo, ivory)

Havells 15 L Storage Water Geyser (Puro_Turbo, ivory), Havells


The innovative feroglas TM technology in the inner container withstands hard water to give years of water trouble-free service, Incoloy heating element has excellent resistance to both oxidation and carbonization at high temperature, CFC free high density PUF insulation prevents heat loss.

User reviews

Olympia Industries delivered old manufactured stock of product that is having higher standing loss compared to the newer stock of the same modal. Feeling disappointed.Otherwise product looks good. Received free, good quality, Havells branded Inlet and outlet pipe. Prompt installation by Havells.
Awesome geyser,,standing loss is also minimum. Heats the water in about 10 minutes.

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