Havells GHRFHAGW200 2000-Watt Comforter price in india

Havells GHRFHAGW200 - Comforter Fan Room Heater

Havells GHRFHAGW200 - Comforter Fan Room Heater, Havells


Havells Comforter comes with 2 heat setting at 1400 W and 2000 W respectively so that user can choose different option depending upon climatic condition Product automatically switches off if it goes beyond desired temperature Safety is ensured through over heat protection which switches off the...

User reviews

Being a little expensive compared to the rest of the room heaters, I was only hoping that I didn't make a wrong choice.... and I was right.I don't think anything else would beat the look and feel of this product. Not to mention there are no HOT surfaces to burn your finger with. The top surface doesn't heat up.About functionality, well it heats the room well and there are only right amount of controls to leave you not confused. Two power setting are useful. 'Wamr' probably draws less power and takes a little longer to reach the set temperature, but is OK as long as your ambient temperature is not too low. I feel safer using the WARM settings because its less stressfull on the electrical wiring. If you trust your wiring, go ahead blast with the HOT setting. I couldn't find any use for the 'cool' setting though. I mean I have the ceiling fan for it!I read a comment somehwere about the auto cutoff not working. Its probably because the room was hyperventilated! cause it worked fine for me with an outside temperature close to about 16 degrees. With the temperature set to about 1/4th the level, the auto-cutoff kicked in within 45mins approx and the room was comfortably warm. I did leave my bedroom door and windows closed, but there is a large enough ventilator to keep a healthy supply of oxygen from outside the house.This equipment requires a 16amps socket. One might say its a disadvantage. True, not many bedrooms are wired up with a 16amps socket. But remember this is a 2000W equipment and Havels made the right choice with the power plug. I would advise against the use of a 10amps to 16amps converter, because only the plug would fit, your electrical wiring may not be able to take the load. So unless you want your wiring to catch fire, find the right socket.I have only used it for a couple of nights, so I am not commenting on the life of the product.
Outstanding product
If you don't want to buy Oil filled room heaters, this one is the best & SAFEST option to buy.It's a PTC based fan heater from a reputed & reliable brand, suitable for small/medium single room.Controls are provided for Fan speed adjustment & temperature setting (2 option).Surface never gets hot, it's completely safe!It's well designed, portable & mountable room heater much better then others in the category!

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